Studio Mandrika Vegan Tattoo!

Studio Mandrika Vegan Tattoos! Studio Mandrika just turned vegan! First complete vegan Tattoo Shop in Montreal! What does it mean? The Soap we use…

Convention Tattoo 2014

Studio Mandrika Sera present 5-6-7 Septembre/September 5-6-7 2014 Gare Windsor.Montréal. Official Près de 200 tatoueurs de renommée internationale seront réunis à la gare…

Studio mandrika - Montreal Tattoo

Studio Rosemere

Mandrika, its been an artistic proyect since more than 4 years as it grows. Sharing skills in one of the best cities in the…



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tatoo from Marie-Adele | studio mandrika


Quebecs  experienced tattoo artist from the heart of plateau ,  making life as easy, Marie Adele shares  all her skills to enjoy a  good…

Studio mandrika - Montreal Tattoo

Studio Montreal

Tattoos with Personality If hearing the word “tattoo” elicits images of sailor’s anchors and roving biker gangs, pop your head into Studio Mandrika and…